About the IPT Network

The Interdisciplinary Psychoanalytic Thought (IPT) Research Network was set up in 2020 to enable ongoing dialogue between psychoanalysis and the social sciences and humanities. The project is a collaborative one between all members of the network; in our work we aim to identify and understand disciplines’ often doctrinaire mutual resistances, while remaining attentive to others’ discrete critical metalanguages and methodologies.  Working under the broad rubric, ‘Transmission and Trauma’, we explore conceptions of the nature of social meaning and of its mechanisms of transmission, as these engage with the individual both as agent and as experiencing subject. We bring different disciplines together by applying both analytic and critical methodologies to interdisciplinary understandings of concepts and their connections.  This academic year (2023-24) we enter a new phase in the investigation of mechanisms of transmission. So far, and with the volume on Raymond Williams’s ‘structures of fe